The Last Dance – Every kid on this world must see this series


Not because it is about basketball. Nor even it is a documentary about the career of the biggest athlete on the planet. The Last Dance is a lesson for your entire life and could be very easy the trigger that makes you a better version of yourself. The Last Dance inspires in every drop of time and gives you goosebumps  like no other movie.


small group trainingIn ten episodes you will have the sensation that you share the locker room with G.O.A.T.  MJ (GOAT means greatest of all time) and you are part of the biggest sports team in the history. For sure you will have the sensation that you are there on the court and you breathe the same air like Reggie, Kobe, Pippen, Rodman or Kukoc. Opponents or team mates, all of them in the same time like in cocktail glass…

The Last Dance it is a masterpiece and it is one of the best life documentaries ever made. It is a collection of superstars and it looks like it holds for eternity the vibe of them. Larry Bird, Isaiah Thomas, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Horace Grant, Gary Payton – “The Glove”, Steve Kerr… Oh my gosh, my hands start shaking… all of them appear in the movie and share with you the deepest feeling, memories and emotions that they had. And every time, like a statue, the GRANDE Michael Jordan. The unique, the complete athlete that changed the sport rules forever.

You will meet a dominant Michael Jordan, a skillful player with a huge personality which overflow on your armchair.

Just seeing this movie, you will understand a lot about life. You will learn easily how to become more competitive, how to achieve your goals, how to overcome the struggle moments, how to be dedicated to your passion, how to become a better version of yourself.

You will learn that the dreams come true when you work with all your energy and your focus on your personal growth and never give up.

But the most dominant feeling that you will have after watching this movie will be that you are ready for action. You will find deep down in yourself resources to change yourself quickly and to begin your life adventure. And if you are a kid at the beginning of the road, you will have a true role model and you will want to be like HIM. This movie will be your daily doze for motivation to become a professional basketball player.

To be continued…


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