Vass Ildikó


After playing professional basketball for 24 years, I decided to end my career after the Spring of 2020. During my career, I have experienced a lot starting from studying the game, to continuously improving and the hard work that it took me to develop myself. I had a great journey where I created unforgettable memories and sometimes went through some hardships. I experienced empathy, understanding from others, or even sometimes the opposite, there were some misunderstandings but mostly encouragements and recognition and help from others.
I'm conscious that all the results I have achieved throughout my career wouldn’t have been possible without my passion for the game, without the knowledge that I have received, without hard work and healthy lifestyle and most importantly without all the help from everybody along my journey.

Without all these, I wouldn’t have been able to play basketball until I was 42. I appreciate all the help, the knowledge and all the lessons throughout these years. I’m grateful for faith, my supporters and all the people that believed in me. Retiring as a professional basketball player doesn’t mean that I’m done. I still continue to be active and I have plans to live my life as a professional. All the knowledge and experience that I have gained, I would like to share through VIBBALL, Vass Ildiko basketball academy to the next generation.

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