The first VIBBALL International Summer Camp is the start of a great tradition

All of our players and coaches had a great week full with basketball and other activities, while enjoying the wonderful weather and surroundings of Youth Hostel Echternach.

More than 15 different nationalities were represented in this first VIBBALL camp with good fundamental practices, games, 3X3 Olympic competition and skills & shooting challenges. Off the court swimming, hiking, visiting Echternach’s city center and outdoor games made a perfect week complete.

Staying overnight in the comfortable rooms of the Youth Hostel, helped to create the ultimate ‘Camp feeling’. Many of the players said they want the week to last longer and that they will be back for sure next year.

On the last day all the parents could see the improvement and happy faces of their children during and after the final games and challenges. Well-deserved prizes and awards were handed out to the players at the closing of our camp.

Signatures, photos and goodbyes ended this first phase of a great tradition in Luxembourg. Big thanks for the city of Echternach and the Youth Hostel for hosting the VIBBALL International Summer Camp. We hope to see everybody soon again.


PHOTO-2021-08-19-11-39-08.jpg - 140.95 kBPHOTO-2021-08-19-11-39-09.jpg - 140.95 kB

PHOTO-2021-08-19-11-39-09_1.jpg - 140.95 kBPHOTO-2021-08-19-11-39-10.jpg - 140.95 kB

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PHOTO-2021-08-19-11-39-12.jpg - 140.95 kBPHOTO-2021-08-19-11-39-13.jpg - 140.95 kB

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PHOTO-2021-08-19-11-39-15_1.jpg - 140.95 kBPHOTO-2021-08-19-11-39-16.jpg - 140.95 kB

PHOTO-2021-08-19-11-39-42.jpg - 140.95 kBPHOTO-2021-08-19-11-39-43.jpg - 140.95 kB

PHOTO-2021-08-19-11-39-44.jpg - 140.95 kBPHOTO-2021-08-19-11-39-44_1.jpg - 140.95 kB

PHOTO-2021-08-19-11-39-44_2.jpg - 140.95 kBPHOTO-2021-08-19-11-39-44_3.jpg - 140.95 kB

PHOTO-2021-08-19-11-39-45.jpg - 140.95 kBPHOTO-2021-08-19-11-39-46.jpg - 140.95 kB

PHOTO-2021-08-19-11-39-46_1.jpg - 140.95 kBPHOTO-2021-08-19-11-39-47.jpg - 140.95 kB

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