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VIBBALL Camp 2022 February 18-20

During the Carnival school break we had a lot of team practices for our different age groups and we made individual practices as well.

On the weekend we organised the VIBBALL Camp especially for kids who didn't have the chance to go for a longer holiday during this period.

In these three days of the camp we had a lot of practices, competitions, games, team building, outside activities, video session and we also watched a first league women’s game. It was a great experience for the players but also for the coaches.

Big thanks to all the coaches for their hard work and devotion! The kids and the parents appreciated a lot.

We are thankful to the Youth Hostel Echternach management for hosting us, cooking for us and taking care of all the important details.

We would also like to say thank you to all parents and sponsors for their trust in us! We are looking forward to our Easter Camp in April! Let’s go VIBBALL Echternach!


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