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Our Social Responsibility

Vass Ildikó Basketball creates chances...

for children to enjoy basketball and develop

Every child dreams about being the best and famous, but we know that only a few can reach that in basketball.

Sports teaches us how to handle wins and losses in a social environment that creates much more, we learn sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, leadership,teamwork.

This social development in our groups and teams also teaches everyone how to create value for themselves, each other and for the society.

We want to do the right things, that benefits society in a sustainable way, we focus on development, health, integrity and helping others in our surroundings when needed for the long term.

If these goals and values fit your ideas about business and development, then we might be the right partner for you.

We believe in equal rights for all human beings and taking care of each other if help is needed. At VIBBALL we teach our children these important values, so they can be good teammates, better players and great people in life. Please contact us if you want to work together to flourish this community and create a better environment for everybody.

Photo Boy standing in front of a Basketball court