Kincsó Kelemen

VIBBALL Ambassador


Scouting Report

  • Name:
    Kincsó Kelemen
  • Height:
    174 cm
  • Age:
  • Nationality:
    Hungarian, Romanian
  • Education:
    Bachelor in BAGM
  • Clubs:
    BBALL6, Colorado State Uno
  • Selections National Team:
  • Prizes and Achievments:
    - U17 - second

VIBBALL Echternach has recently started with their activities for young players to enjoy basketball. Our essences of proper youth development with the slogan 'Play to Learn and Learn to Play' is supported by many in Luxembourg and all around the world. Some of them support Vass Ildikó Basketball in a special way. We like to introduce you to one of our VIBBALL Ambassadors, who plays Euroleague with ACS Sepsi-Sic in Sepsiszentgyörgy , the original home town of Ildikó Vass.

The ambassadors story

What age did you start to play?
I started basketball when I was 11 years old.
What did it bring to your life?
Basketball has brought me a second family, multiple friendships along the way, opportunity to travel, a growth environment where I could always improve, a meaning to my life, a community with amazing people. Basketball is a sport that taught me so many lessons and brought me so many great memories that I will never forget.
What were your best experiences in your career?
My best moments would be when we won the Romanian U18 championship with BBALL6, when I got to go to the Youth Olympics with U18 3X3 Romanian National team and when I got the opportunity to go to college and play basketball while I could earn a degree.
What have you learned from your failures?
My failures have taught me how to regroup and work even harder to achieve my goals, how to face adversity, how to become stronger mentally and physically and how to see the world from different perspectives.
What is your connection to VIBBALL Echternach?
I started playing basketball with Ildiko Vass, the founder of VIBBALL6, when I was around 12. She is my mentor; my coach and she became my friend that I could always count on. In Romania we have won multiple medals with BBALL6 where she was my coach.
What would you like to pass on the next generation?
I would like to pass on all the basketball experience and lessons that I have had along my journey so far. I also would like to pass on my love for the game and all the life lessons that basketball has taught me. Moreover, I would like to share my basketball knowledge to the next generation.
How do you think about our slogan Play to Learn, Learn to Play?
I think it is extremely inviting and self-explanatory because that is what VIBBALL stands for. This basketball academy is a great environment where kids can learn how to play basketball while they are having fun at the same time.
When can players and coaches meet you at one of the VIBBALL activities?
I will definitely be there during some of the camps ongoing the next summer.
What advice would you give to the young VIBBALL players?
First of all, to enjoy and to have fun while playing this beautiful game. Secondly, to be open to learn and dream big.
Have you been in Luxembourg, in Echternach?
Yes, I have been to Luxembourg more times and I’ve been to Echternach one time.
How do you like it?
When I visited Luxembourg, I fell in love with everything over there. Places are beautiful, people are amazing and there are great opportunities. Echternach is also one of the places where I had the opportunity to visit and to be honest it’s a great little town where I see that Vass Ildikó Basketball can grow.
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