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Our Camps are designed to assist players in developing the necessary skills to compete at the next level. All athletes will be led by our team of dynamic coaches.

Each camp will feature an appearance by a professional basketball player who will inspire your camper and provide elite insight into the stated focus area.

Upcoming Camps

Vibball Camp

18-20 February 2022

During the season we will organize VIBBALL camps several times. We plan these camps to happen during weekends and holidays for players between 10-16 years old.

Additionally, we will inform you on time about the upcoming camps on our website and through our social media platforms. The first VIBBALL camp was on 18-20, February 2022.

Easter Camp

3-9 April 2022

During the Easter Holiday, we will organize a 6-day camp to teach our kids how to train, how to eat properly, how to use their energy for a long career in sports and for good health overall.

We will have plenty of surprises and our main purpose is to make your kids happy.

International Camp

18-24 July 2022

In the summer of 2022 we will organize our second International Summer Camp in Luxembourg for young prospects/players around Europe. It will be a returning event for our community. Players from all around Europe will be our special guests.

We will create lifelong memories for your children. Stay tuned for more details soon.

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