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Basketball Clinics

Who we are

Sport teachers, Instructors, and former athletes who bring a wealth of basketball playing and coaching experience to each of our programs!

What we teach

Shooting, Passing & Dribbling Footwork Lay-ups & Pivoting Offensive & Defensive Skills Movement Off-Ball, Game Read & Reaction Speed & Agility

Life Skill Building:
Discipline Diligence, Integrity & Teamwork Health & Wellness


Personal Training

Our trainers will work with you on perfecting your game!

Price : Please contact us for pricing and package option: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Privates are scheduled according to availability (6 days of week) Players will have the opportunity to receive detailed training based on theire strengths and weaknesses in all areas of their games. Mentoring,confidence building are heavily emphasized to maximize the players potential.


for 2-5 players max

You will get to work with one of our Vibball basketball trainers with a group of 3 or more.

1.  1 session           30 € / player
2.  5 sessions     130 € / player
3. 10 sessions    250 € / player

Semi private trainings are scheduled and organized based upon player skill level and age. Players will have the opportunity to receive detail training based upon weaknesses and strength in all areas of the game.

1 1 session = 60 minutes
2 all sessions must be used within 45 days, no rollovers
3 all sessions must be used within 75 days, no rollovers