VIBBALL Girls / Boys

Poussins Mixtes

Age 11-12

The practices for the older and better youth players are more basketball orientated. The improvement of dribbling, finishing, passing, defense and decision-making will be practiced in fun exercises, drills and games. These various ways to develop and improve will make sure that all players can learn in their own way and time. In the games they can show what they have learned. The players will also get to know more about other aspects of the game and how nutrition and good preparation can help them to be the best they can be.

Prepoussins Mixtes

Age 9-10

The training sessions for girls and boys in this age group are mostly filled with basketball fundamentals. Together with fun games and general movement skills a solid foundation will be built to become a better basketball player. We incorporate a variety of exercises designed to improve ball-handling, shooting, passing, defense and decision-making. During the small games these fundamentals can be put in action. Most players in this age group will already get used to playing games and try to show their skills they learned in the practices.


Age 7-8-9

In this age group more specific basketball exercises are trained in the practices. Once the players have learned to dribble, shoot and pass the ball in various and challenging ways, the development goes quickly. General and basic development of movement gets also enough attention in a joyful way. Slowly these kids will be prepared for playing real basketball matches by playing many playful group games.


Age 4-6

You are never too young to start falling in love with this beautiful game. The VIBBALL6 practices are designed to introduce the youngest boys and girls to general movement exercises and the very basics of basketball in a joyful way. During these 60 minutes of skill development also many playful group games are played.

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